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Disability & Inclusion Advocate& Consultant

Louise defines as disabled and has been an advocate of disability rights based on the social model of disability for a long time. She regularly supports disabled artists with their development including mentoring, creation of access statements, developing business plans and funding applications as an access support worker.

She has facilitated and led a number of online and in person networking events and provocations including the 11 Million Reasons to Dance Network through her work as Director of Engagement with People Dancing - a national dance organisation.People Dancing :: 11 Million Reasons to Dance :: Foundation for Community Dance  

She has also undertaken a period of research and development on the Arts Council England funded project Enter Stage not quite Right which explores working models for chronically ill disabled theatre directors in the arts. The research entailed a series of interviews with leading theatre directors - chronically ill disabled directors and non disabled theatre directors. A model of work was piloted in the studio around accessible working models. The work supported the creation of a film programme highlighting the needs of the chronically ill disabled working in the arts. To view the film click here

In 2021 Louise co-founded  the Chronically ill Artists Network an organisation which aims to create better awareness and campaigns to change the perceptions of chronic illness and create better opportunities for chronically ill artists, producers and arts professionals working in the arts.

She has supported a number of agents and media organisations with the engagement of disabled artists for adverts, campaigns and casting and has worked with screenwriters and creatives with film content. She has also provides disability consultation around access and inclusion.

She is also a mentee for the Media Trust BBCs 50/50 reframing disability programme 2021-2022

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