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Originally trained in theatre, Louise has been directing, art directing, and leading creative work for over 25 years in theatre, visual arts and film. As an East Midlands based artist she has worked with a number of theatres and organisations directing small scale studio pieces, large cast main stage shows, early years family work and youth theatre and community theatre productions.  She has worked as a dramaturg in both theatre and dance and as a choreographer on dance productions. A few archive productions listed below, other directing credits can be explored in films

Days of Wine and Roses - Mansfield Palace Theatre


Writer Owen McCafferty

January - February 2007

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Not Now Bernard, New Perspectives Theatre Company

Assistant Director

Children/family show based on David McKee well known story

David McKee (adapted by Daniel Buckroyd)

Toured Summer / Autumn 2005


Kiss Me Like You Mean It - Mansfield Palace Theatre 


Written by Chris Chibnall

March 2004

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Bob - The Core Corby


Early years family outdoors production performed in East Carlton Park, Corby to families in the area. July 2012

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Mirka's Story - New Perspectives Theatre Company

Assistant Director

Exploring the themes of migration

Julie Wilkinson

Toured Summer 2007


Not Fine - Falling Feathers


Writer Louise Wildish

Studio work exploring school refusal

September 2021

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Opera Singer


Louise started directing theatre in the late 90s, working with producing venues and with independent theatre companies. Much of her work has been directing new writing collaborating with writers in residence. She has directed professional main stage productions and studio work, and community and engagement theatre. Her directing transfers into screen - see films.

Kvetch- Mansfield Palace Theatre


Writer Steven Berkoff 

January - February 2005

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Wembley Ho - Mansfield Palace Theatre 



September - October 2004

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Various Youth theatre and community theatre shows




Mindgame - Mansfield Palace Theatre


Writer, Anthony Horowitz

January - February 2006

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Locks - Hyson Green Festival

Director Louise Wildish

Writer Rose Thorn

July 1998

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Oil Patch Warrior - Mansfield Palace Theatre 


Writer Phil Holmes

Main stage production exploring WW2 oil crisis 

October - November 2002



Chronically ill arts films                                                                     Louise Wildish                                                                      2021

Various online webinars/discussions                                              People Dancing                                                                    2019-21

‘Black Swan’                                                                                          BBC The Space/PD                                                              Jan 2018

‘Chicago’                                                                                                 BBC The Space/PD                                                             Jan 2018

‘Singin in the Rain’                                                                              BBC The Space/PD                                                              Jan 2018

‘Inclusion’                                                                                              Ben Williams                 People Dancing/YDance           Feb 2016

‘Contemplation’                                                                                    Ben Williams                 People Dancing                            Nov 2016

‘Motion’                                                                                                  Ben Williams                 Para Dance UK/PD                     Oct 2016

‘Sensation’                                                                                              Ben Williams                 People Dancing                         July 2016

‘Adaption’                                                                                               Ben Williams                 People Dancing                         June 2015

‘Beth’s Story’                                                                                          Ben Williams                 People Dancing/D4                  March 2015

11 Million Reasons exhibition                                                            Sean Goldthorpe           People Dancing                         Dec 2014

Physically Being Me’                                                                           People Dancing                                                                    Sept 2013

Childrens Outdoors                                                                             The Core, Corby                                                                   April 2011

‘Days of Wine and Roses’                                                                   Owen McCafferty          Mansfield Palace Theatre         Jan 2007

‘Mirkas Story’    ASTD                                                                         New Perspectives                                                                May 2007

‘Not Now Bernard’ ASTD                                                                   David Mckee                New Perspectives                        Oct 2006

‘A Site For Sore Eyes’                                                                          Kevin Fegan                  Mansfield Palace Theatre          Sept 2006

‘Mindgame’                                                                                           Anthony Horowitz       Mansfield Palace Theatre       Jan 2006

‘The Songwriter’                                                                                   David Hopkins             Mansfield Palace Theatre        June 2006

‘Wembley Ho’                                                                                       Malcolm Seymore        Mansfield Palace Theatre         June 2005

‘Kvetch’                                                                                                  Steven Berkoff’             Mansfield Palace Theatre          Jan 2005

‘A Guinea Too Much’                                                                          Barry Heath                  Mansfield Palace Theatre           Nov 2004

‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’                                                                Chris Chibnall                Mansfield Palace Theatre         Jan 2004

‘Oil Patch Warriors’                                                                            Phillip Holmes               Mansfield Palace Theatre          June 2003

‘Locks’                                                                                                    Rose Thorn                   Hyson Green Festival                   July 1998

‘Puzzles’                                                                                                  Dave Holman                Nottm Playhouse                        May 1998

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